Tribal Body Markers


1 Tribal Body Marker

Image of 1 Tribal Body Marker

This is the original Tribal Marker for use at events and parties as a tool for connection and adorning the body!

Can easily mark over 100 people.

We have new colors to choose from. Check back often for updates.

These Markers are a made from paint that is non toxic, Water Based and easily washes off with soap and Water yet is water proof and sweat proof.

Suggested only using on small areas and not intended as a body paint or to cover large areas.

Keep away from eyes and mouth not suitable for children under 6yrs old

Our Marker is made from a Durable Plastic not for single use and is Refillable.

This Whole operation is a one of a kind deal so Markers and colors may be out of stock...

We are happy to know how you plan on using these markers and suggest a training for a full download of techniques and ethos of our message of the movement.

What's your mark?