Tribal Body Markers


Advanced Training class January-February

Image of Advanced Training  class January-February

A training with Amir and the core Venice Tribe. Max 18 people.

Intro Class or Training pre requisite.

We guide you through more Advanced techniques and marker etiquette
as well as offer one on one calligraphy and access to step by step instruction on meanings of some Symbols and Hebrew letters.

You will receive 4 markers (two tribal Markers, two bullet/chisle tip ) as well as a calligraphy pen.

Food will also be included.

Not to be used with any discount code please!

exact address sent only after booking is complete.

Tribal Markers is an art-form of adornment connecting tribe through body calligraphy and ancient symbols.

Artist & photographer Amir Magal developed Tribal Markers as a rebellion of the way we use technology to connect. He brought back this ancient modality of body Marking into venice sub-culture after he saw how artists could engage more with people through touch and eye contact. Tribal Markers was born and is reaching people all over the globe. The core Team of Artists and influencers are based in Venice Beach California and are training others to spread this movement and message. You may see them around town or at festivals and gatherings world wide. They hand make the Tribal Markers by filling and cutting each nib with their trademark three ridges. Saje Essential oils are added for a Therepudic Touch

We hope to connect with you!

Creative Director