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For centuries, cultures all over the world have used tribal marking to not only adorn bodies but connect souls to eachother and to themselves before ceremony and battle. It is a tool for connection, touch and Unity in our present day.

Amir Magal, photographer + artist, has re-inspired a movement of tribal markings. Amir Connects individuals to themselves as well as adorns the body with sacred letters or marks that is unique to each person.

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“Every time I paint someone it’s an opportunity to make an impact on someone’s day and connect on a level I might not otherwise get. It’s through the touch and eye connection that we as human beings can be easily reminded of our oneness. It’s an art form that has the power to build lasting community” — Amir Magal

Our Service combines Hebrew calligraphy and Tribal body markings to create a new form of art that is raising the vibration of the world including influencers such as Jason Mraz, Nahko, Shiva Rea and currwntly on tour with Wanderlust Festivals World Wide!

Amir created the water based & nontoxic Tribal Body Marker for artists to adorn the tribes and movements they love. 

Tribal Body Markers are a service and a product. for more info on how to hire or join our tribe of artists please connect with us Directly 323-356-2071

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